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Family Support


VivasPro understands that often not only the individual will need support, but also their family.  As such we have provided additional family support services to help address some of the issues which can come up, as a result of abuse, trauma or hardship.


In some situations a family issues can occur due to a breakdown in communication.  VivsPro can help smooth the communication routes, for example providing relay or interpreted services to aid communication between family members.


Examples of our Family Support include:

  • Helping families identify age appropriate books and materials for families to help work through traumatic family events such as bereavement, loss or separation, (i.e. due to refugee status).
  • Supporting disadvantaged families through school/education application processes.
  • Accessing family support services and counseling services for adults and children alike.
  • Providing support in finding and applying for individual hardship funds.


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