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Community Engagement can happen in many ways.  VivasPro supports clients by both organising and providing access to activities and events in the community.  We then help clients access them through either practical or personal support.


From the fun or educational, to the supportive, these activities and events can take many forms and can be of benefit in many ways. They can;

  • help people see that they are not alone
  • help people improve their confidence and self-esteem
  • help people improve their general health
  • open doors to new interests and new friends

Most importantly they can enable clients - regardless of their disability or current situation - to enjoy life's opportunities.


Examples of our Community Engagement activities include:

  • Personal support to attend a club or event i.e. traveling to or from the event.
  • Personal support to find and attend a specialist support group i.e. moral support to relieve stress and worry
  • Practical support at events i.e. by providing communication support to enable participation
  • Participation at events, i.e. becoming a speaker or advocate for a cause

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