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We strive to raise awareness in the incidence of unnecessary hardship, trauma or abuse, be it mental, physical or emotional. Firstly we want to make victims aware that what they have, or are experiencing, is not to be ashamed of. We make every effort to make them aware of the available support. Secondly, we aim to educate those without first-hand knowledge of the effects and impacts of abuse, trauma or hardship on both victims and their families.


One part of our awareness campaign which we feel is particularly important is that of access. We, therefore, work tirelessly to raise awareness of the difficulties many clients face when trying to access services which others take for granted. In doing this, we promote equality and aspire to deliver an equal platform for minority groups, disabled and disadvantaged people in all areas of life.


However, we feel strongly that a positive message can be a powerful tool and so wish to share success stories and examples of good practice.  We wish to spread this ethos and the values of Vivas Pro by gathering positive information providing inspirational projects and working with likeminded organisations and individuals alike.


Examples of our awareness activities include:

  • Producing publications and articles about people experiences
  • Advocating change to enable equal access for individuals with disabilities/at disadvantage
  • Linking with other likeminded organisations creating positive examples to motivate
  • Providing consultancy to external organisations and facilitating discussions with the general public both nationally and internationally as well as establishing lasting ties with any other groups concerned



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