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Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our overarching aims are to provide relief, support, advice, advocacy and information to people with disabilities and those from any minority group, and to promote social inclusion.  Enabling these individuals to become active and productive members of their communities.


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We achieve this by;

 1. Targeting groups with disabilities (such as the Deaf), disadvantaged and minority groups (such as refugees) affected in any way, by abuse of any kind.

2. Recognising our target groups often have significantly less control or power over their lives than mainstream society.  Therefore recognising they often need more support to improve their access to community, society, education, services and employment.

3. Educating, equipping, empowering people through training, advocacy and advice, to enable these groups to achieve. Supporting them educationally to gain sustainable employment, to fully participate in society, and to acquire the confidence needed to advance in life.

4. Campaigning to raise public awareness of the plight of these groups, and of the harm caused by unnecessary hardship, trauma, and/or abuse and its long-term effects on the victims and their families.

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