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(– UPDATE – MAY 2016)


The courses are aimed at deaf, disabled and disadvantaged people. They are also open to anyone who has experienced abuse. The courses were organised by VivasPro’s because we are committed to giving vulnerable people opportunities to learn, grow and develop as well as socialise, build confidence, learn a new hobby or skill and have some fun!

So far the Jewellery-making, Sewing and Leather-work courses have been fully booked. We have 3 deaf/disabled tutors teaching these courses (all 3 are very talented!). The students have been learning many new and interesting things. For example:

  • Sewing – students have learnt how to measure clothes, stitching and how to sew a hem (the part around the edge of clothes). This is useful because the students can now repair their own or their family’s clothes at home – no need for expensive tailors!

                                Students learning clothes making with the deaf/disabled teacher

  • Jewellery - students have been learning how to make jewellery with beads and how to connect jewellery pieces with hooks or clasps. The students are doing really well. They have great imaginations and they have made some beautiful pieces.

                                Students engrossed in jewellery making. The teacher is deaf.

  • Leather-work – The students have been learning about the history of leather and how it has evolved since 1300 BC! They have also started cutting leather and planning their own leather piece - a bag or wallet.


Feedback from students about VivasPro’s courses:

“I love learning about leather”

“The teachers have been really supportive and inclusive”

“I definitely want to continue this as a hobby when the course finishes”

“We all enjoyed creating our own jewellery. I want to start my own jewellery business, like the teacher’s business”

“Access and communication were easy so I felt comfortable. It helped my confidence”

“I met new friends on my course. We plan to meet for drinks after the course”

“It’s been a great experience. I would recommend these courses to everyone”


                                Making a new social group and new friends on the VivasPro courses

The students and teachers have been assisted by interpreters or support workers as needed. Everyone involved has been very positive about the courses and we look forward to hearing about the students’ progress and achievement in the next few weeks!

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